We offer a wide range of cleaning services for commercial spaces in Bucharest and nearby areas. We collaborate with institutions, associations and companies. If you own spaces such as: medical and dental cabinets, shops, banks, universities, educational centers and similar, please contact us.

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    High traffic areas

    For high traffic areas, where a lot of clients come and go daily, or in a space that welcomes more than 100 employees, we recommend mechanical washing. This method is designed even for large outdoor areas, and has multiple benefits, such as: easier maintenance and a longer lifespan of the surfaces. For a personalized offer, please contact us at +40 786-209-343, or by WhatsApp. You can also opt for contractual services opting for one of our plans, which can be daily, every couple of days, weekly, twice a month or monthly, depending on your business’ needs.

    What does this service include?

    You can choose from multiple cleaning operations that we can provide for your business:

    Our services include cleaning the access doors and the furniture. Also, you can opt for switches cleaning and for the lighting and heating installation cleaning. We can additionally provide services such as window washing and cleaning, hoovering and mechanical flooring washing, stain removals. The access hallways are also taken into consideration. The railings will shine again and the waste will responsibly be removed and taken to special collection points.

    We can cover reduced, medium and high traffic areas. We can also provide cleaning services for larger commercial spaces, such as shopping malls and similar buildings. In most cases there are certain cleaning requirements which need to be covered, and we can make sure that everything is spot on!

    The price will be set according to your needs and other variables, which we will initially discuss. We will then analyze together your business’ needs and make you a first technical offer. This offer may then be adjusted afterwards.

    Equipment used

    We currently work with premium disinfectants and cleaning products, especially created for use in big, commercial spaces. We also have a wide variety of vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, which are considerably better than the classic ones. For carpet cleaning we use a special, professional vacuum cleaner with injection/ extraction function.

    We are ready to deal even with the most stubborn stains. The cleaning services is recommended to be conducted outside of normal, public hours – or when the commercial activity is interrupted.

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