Glass Partitioning and Plasterboard Walls

Glass and plasterboard partitioning are ideal for open spaces. They can bring a higher degree of elegance to the space, as well as fluidify the traffic. For example, plasterboard usually helps with phonic insulation. The walls can also be single or double.

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    Compartimentări sticlă și gips carton București

    The advantages of plasterboard partitioning

    Apart from the above-mentioned phonic insulation, we can also talk about aesthetics and flexibility. Projects can be completed quicker and easier, and plasterboard also acts as a fire proof wall. It contains water molecules in it’s structure, which make it harder to burn. And it also absorbs humidity, as well as it regulates the air moisture, if it is too dry.

    The benefits of glass partitioning

    Glass partitioning for open spaces is a very elegant and modern way of designing your environment.

    Apart from the modern and business look that your space will have, it will also become brighter. The glass chosen can be of various types, including clear, matte, or personalized depending on the size of the glass panels. The doors and entrances can also be sliding, automated or swinging.

    This aspect depend on the main purpose of the space. If it’s a space highly frequented by clients, glass partitioning can be the ideal solution. Also, if you would like to add extra functionalities, you can opt for both types of partitioning.

    An inspired choice

    Plasterboard walls are extremely popular today. They can be easily mounted and have accessible prices. They are also 100% recyclable. They are formed by a layer of plaster, covered on both sides with cardboard layers. The walls along with mineral wool will give you the optimal insulation and will never load the structure with too much weight.

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