Restaurant Renovations

We offer a wide range of renovation services, interior and exterior, for restaurants situated in Bucharest and nearby areas. Some of the procedures we can help you with are: fire proof partitioning,  self leveling epoxy screed, wall painting with epoxy paint, as well as installing ceramic tiles (natural stone,  floor and wall tiles). We can also provide electrical and sanitary installation services. Everything, so that your new restaurant meets all the health and safety regulations.

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    Amenajări Restaurante București

    What other services can you offer?

    • kitchen hood mounting
    • PVC installation
    • LVT installation
    • solid wood and wood veneer plating
    • construction and installation of false, metallic ceilings
    • construction and installation of lighting systems
    • creating decorative objects out of glass and iron

    Everything starts from an idea

    We believe that, apart from the technical construction and interior renovation aspects, another key element which generates a welcoming atmosphere is the interior design.

    A great interior design will perfectly blend in with the existing space. It is important to also take into consideration the major functionalities that the restaurant will have, including the kitchen and all it’s appliances. The space needs to be fully optimized in order to integrate as many functionalities as possible.

    This depends on the current surface, the furniture elements and lighting system chosen. Please contact us in order to discuss your options.

    The final costs will be established after the first evaluation. We only work with quality materials, so the final costs will reflect this aspect, as well.

    A few practical details

    As a general rule, 40% of the space will be allocated to the kitchen, and 60% to the dining area. This is general advice given by experts around the world. Of course, the space between the tables should be big enough, so that your guests can be easily seen by the personnel. The toilets should also be easily accessible, so that your customers will be able to easy identify them.

    Last, but not least, we need to take into consideration the access solutions for disabled people.

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