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The office in which you spend most of your time must have it’s own personality and inspire you to work. This is a special way in which the atmosphere can be relaxed and productive. With more than 7 years of experience in this field, our company is looking to serve as many clients as possible, in Bucharest and nearby areas.

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    Aside from complete renovation projects and services, we can even provide electrical and sanitary installation services, as well as double sided carpet tape. We can also partition your future office with glass or plasterboard, depending on your preferences. Among our clients, we can mention Sheraton Hotel, Cinemax, Tchibo, Engie and Mall Veranda.

    At the same time, we can offer you additional cleaning services after having renovated your space. You will be able to enjoy your new space from the very first day!

    Establishing the design

    In order to establish the interior architecture and design elements, we take into consideration your opinion, and also the opinion of the designers we collaborate with.

    We will always take into consideration the allocated budget in order to meet your needs, and also the quality of the materials used. We will analyze every aspect together, and make adjustments where necessary. There adjustments are, most of the times, essential, because their role is to optimize the allocated space.

    You can fill in the form on our contact page or contact us directly at +40 786-209-343. Our team will assist you with any inquiries you might have related to the office renovations service in Bucharest.

    Once you get in touch with us, a minimum of one face to face meeting will be necessary in order to see the space and calculate the amount of materials needed. Subsequently, we will send you our price offer. If you agree with the offer, we will be able to establish the starting date, which can be adjusted depending on your needs and our availability.

    Consulting and design

    We pay a lot of attention to the materials we use, because we need to make sure that they will last a long time. We generally prefer to work with our own materials. In terms of interior design, we can offer you different options to maximize the space available.

    We understand the importance of your company’s image in front of your own clients. This is precisely why we are flexible in terms of interior design, and can make adjustments afterwards. We follow and respect all the processes, until the whole project is finished.

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